//Passive House Conference 2018 Highlights
Passive House Conference 2018

Passive House Conference 2018 Highlights

The 22nd Passive House Conference 2018 has come and gone on 9 and 10 March 2018 in Munich, Germany.
Passive House Conference 2018 topics includes:

  •     Profitability of Passive Homes: concepts an projects
  •     Basis of decision-making for investors / valuation of Passive House buildings
  •     Renewable and sustainable energy supply
  •     The indoor air quality and ventilations
  •     Building insulation
  •     Adaptation for summer comfort
  •     Passive House retrofits
  •     Commissioning / Facility Management / Monitoring
  •     Benefits of certification and Quality assurance
  •     The importance of Building materials: ecology and embodied energy
  •     Passive House Fire and sound protection

The next Passive House Conference will be in Gaobeidian, China (21 – 22 September 2019) and you can find more informations on the website of Passive House Conference 2019

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